What we do

Work at high altitude and special works

VLM sees every project as special, but some are more so than others: dismantling concrete pylons, installing the ‘Step into the Void’ glass skywalk, work at high altitude (Aiguille du Midi, Pic du Midi, Pointe Helbronner), installing ski jumps, suspending pipe systems and even carrying out projects on historic sites and amusement parks …
We offer inventive solutions specifically tailored to meet your objectives, timeframe and budget, in both France and abroad.

Blondin ropeways – Worksite cableways

VLM is skilled in working with blondins, or worksite cableways, as a solution for lifting, positioning and depositing loads along a straight line, as well as along curves. Adapting to the layout of each site, and the loads to be carried, VLM provides the most suitable model to fit the specific needs of each project: gravity, horizontal, or self-propelled design. With our blondins you can carry a range of different payloads, ranging from regular (500 kg) to exceptional (up to 30 tons).
The blondin is a clean, low-polluting electric-powered tool.
It is the best compromise for worksites given its lifting capacity, its low noise and environmental impact, and its minimal dependence on weather conditions.

Civil engineering and ski lifts

VLM covers the full installation process of ski lifts (drag lifts, chairlifts, slow boarding chairlifts, gondola lifts, cable cars, rope tows …): from levelling work to create the foundation blocks (lines and terminals) often with a spider digger, to creating the foundations (formwork, reinforcement and concrete work), to installing the pylons and line equipment – via crane, helicopter or blondin – up until assembling the mechanical parts of the terminals and roofing … VLM even takes care of all the final adjustments and testing.
Needless to say, cable stringing is one of our key strengths, and we cover the full scope of techniques to suit the nature of each project. VLM can also carefully dismantle old ski lifts for subsequent re-use.

Cable installations – Cable stringing

This is VLM’s core speciality: stringing cable lines, pulling and shortening, winding up old cables, assisting with splicing (wire drawer guarantee), moving load-bearing suspension cables on support wedges, replacing cables, repair, retightening and creating bases …
VLM can handle all types of cables (multi-strand, enclosed…) for both ski lifts and fixed structures (bridges, footbridges, catenary bridges…).
Fully equipped with the means to serve and boost the agility and ingenuity of the VLM teams: drones for the lines, pulley systems, hydraulic winches, cable winches, Hit-Trac, slow speed stringer systems, soft jaw vices … as well as custom-made equipment.

Suspension footbridges – Viewing platforms

Suspension Footbridges :
VLM’s expertise in cable installations is a key asset that feeds into its expertise in installing suspension footbridges, simple ‘Himalayan’ suspension footbridges and footbridges with beams or corbel arches. VLM is also involved in designing suspension footbridges that provide panoramic views on tourist sites: introducing new viewpoints and plunging views at dizzying heights, as well as alternative access … Horizontal access, which opens up access to all, including visitors with reduced mobility. The scope of footbridge installation draws on VLM’s broad array of skills. Prefabricated parts are installed with the help of winches and blondins.
The VLM viewing perch :
VLM designs and installs the “VLM viewing perch”; a modular tourist viewpoint platform that is both customizable and durable. A lightweight, scalable and quick-to-build solution, the “VLM viewing perch” is fully accessible to all, and opens up a whole new experience and perspective to visitors seeking a hiking destination point, or new sensations … Our “perch” gives you a new panoramic view! The viewing platform can be adapted to suit your specific needs. It comes in the form of a self-balancing model, adaptable with different counterweights to fit the specific layout of the site, and ensure that it is perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment. It can also be configured to provide access to people with reduced mobility. VLM’s viewing platforms are easy to install, either anchored directly into the rockface or fixed with inbuilt counterweights. Accessible to all, they not only give visitors a unique and stunning viewpoint over a range of different landscapes (mountains, countryside, towns, cities and the sea…), but they combine innovation with cost-effectiveness. The VLM “perch” is a unique experience that appeals to all the senses. We offer a range of different options: a temporary ‘pop-up’ perch for events, short-term rental installations, or permanent installations with a maintenance contract.